About Polk County Solar

Delivering quality, cost effective solar power solutions to consumers in Polk County Florida and surrounding areas.

Why Polk County Solar

Polk County Solar (PCS)  differentiates itself by offering the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced American made panels available through its distributors.

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All PCS employees are background and credit checked to ensure a high level of safety and integrity.

PCS maintains memberships and participates in educational training through industry trade shows and conferences in order to stay abreast of the most current research and concentrated networking opportunities with other subject matter experts.

PCS educates potential consumers not only on the cost saving aspects, the benefits of solar panels, government incentives for solar systems, but also the impact on the rising cost of fuel, greenhouse gases and the environment.

PCS provides a high level of customer service by fostering relationships with its customers beyond installation by assisting them with any concerns relating to their solar energy needs and making home visits if necessary.

The Company

PCS is registered as a Florida Limited Liability Company. PCS operates as a family owned, home based small business.  PCS’ management consists of a husband and wife team who work collaboratively to ensure the success of their business.  No outside investors are part of the ownership of the company.

PCS functions primarily as a marketing and sales firm that secures rooftop solar installation for residential customers.  PCS utilizes independent installers to place the solar panels on rooftops of residential homes.

PCS has registered for Minority Business Certification.  The company’s marketing territory initially focuses in Polk County and now all of Florida!

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Management Team

Robert Suarez, President and CEO

Robert is a seasoned and successful marketing and sales manager.  He has nearly 30 years sales experience in several industries including, but not limited to real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing and recreational vehicle sales.  He has earned the honor of being named the best professional salesperson in the local RV market.

Robert contributes his success to his energetic and caring personality, his ability to see tasks through to fruition while helping his clients to see the value in a product.  Robert gains satisfaction by assisting others and can easily incorporate new products and features in his presentations to diverse groups of people.  His primary thought process is not “make a sale”, but rather to begin building towards a fruitful long-term relationship with every customer he comes in contact with.

Robert doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is a collaborative leader and problem solver.  Robert’s ultimate goal is to build a well-managed and flourishing global business that can withstand generational success for his family.

Alexandra Suarez, COO

Alexandra’s decades long history in the healthcare industry has provided her a foundation to practice skills that assists her in being an effective Chief Operations Officer for PCS.   As a bilingual Spanish speaking team player, Alexandra exhibits excellent customer service skills, good follow up on administrative duties, works collaboratively with her peers by accurately reporting pertinent information and responding appropriately.  Alexandra operates with an open-door policy and creates an environment to allow others to speak freely which gives her an opportunity to help them meet their needs.  Alexandra has been recognized by her peers being named employee of the month for exemplifying stellar work ethics and a positive attitude.  Alexandra is a certified Nurse Assistant and a Certified Health Unit Coordinator for 13 years.

As Operations Manager, Alexandra is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations for PCS which includes scheduling appointments, fielding incoming calls from clients, processing orders, record keeping and budgeting while keeping the office running seamlessly to PCS customers and business partners.

We love making the planet better

In the U.S., scientists, environmentalists and politicians have identified the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).  GHG’s are culprits held responsible for negatively impacting the atmosphere.  Deploying renewable energy strategies is one way to tackle this problem, however, the end user must procure these conservation measures in order to help make a difference for the betterment of the environment.

PCS empowers homeowners by giving them an opportunity to purchase solar energy systems.  Homeowners are assisted in reaching energy independence, conservation reduction, cost savings, and an altruistic approach at helping the environment.

We love harnessing the sun’s power

Florida Solar Market

  • Solar Installed (NW): 2,289.58
  • National Ranking: 8th (4th in 2018)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 275,814 homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 1.18%
  • Solar Jobs: 10,358
  • Solar Companies in State: 578 (76 Manufacturers, 299 Installers/Developers, 203 Others)
  • Total Solar Investment in State: $3.94 billion
  • Solar Growth Projection and Ranking: 5,946 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 3rd)
  • Number of Solar Installations: 34,000

We love renewable energy

The world has come a long way since Albert Einstein won his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.”

With the progression of Photovoltaic technology, now we can convert the Sun’s power into electricity at an affordable rate for the home and business owners. As the sunrays bombard the earth on a daily basis, are you taking advantage of the free renewable energy available to you?

Here at Polk County Solar we operate based on the popular proverb “Give a homeowner a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” With the analogy of fishing, a net is required to catch a school of fish. Consider solar panels to be your net for producing clean renewable energy!

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We’ll help you harness the sun!

Existing home can easily retrofit roofs to accommodate solar panels.  PV technology is making panels lighter, thinner, less expensive and more efficient.