Solar Stack

Don’t rack it.  Stack it.


The Solar Stack mounting system is both durable and versatile. It can be used with any style of solar panel for any kind of roof. As the only mounting system of it s kind to earn Florida Product Approval for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones, homeowners and business owners have one less thing to worry about when a serious storm threatens.

Super Easy 1-2-3 Install

  1. Apply Florida code-approved adhesive to roof underpayment after preparing surface
  2. Set and position Solar Stack pedestal into the adhesive
  3. Connect solar panels equipment to the patented Solar Stack pedestals

All roof surfaces must be free of any debris, dirt, grease, oil, and standing water before adhesive is applied. Follow adhesive manufacturer’s application instructions.

Long-Term Benefits

Zero Penetration Mounting Technology
(Not recommended for shingled roofs)

Solar Stack is the only solar panel mounting system that promises ZERO roof penetrations. It’s innovative, reckless technology allows solar components to stay affixed to the roof through severe weather and all seasons without a single hole being drilled.

Installation simplicity

Installation is a snap! Solar Stack cuts solar panel installation time in half and saves you money. You’ll never have to install anchors or locate structural connection points. Additionally, Solar Stack eliminates crawling into hot or cold attic spaces to prepare for solar installs.

No Holes! No leaks!

Since Solar Stack maintains the structural integrity of the roof, there’s no extra steps needed to prevent water intrusion associated with roof penetration. Property owners received total peace of mind and their roof warranties remain in tact.

Durability and Reliability

Solar Stack meets or exceeds the most stringent wind code requirements. This new innovative solar panel installation process has undergone rigorous testing by accredited facilities and earning certification from the state of Florida for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.

Start saving money today.

An unending resource, the sun in Florida is waiting for you to take advantage. Save money while you increase the value of your home.  It doesn’t get much better than that!