How Solar Panels Work

The number of residences nationwide going with solar kits is continuing to grow exponentially. The concept of benefiting from the natural resource that our sun sheds upon the earth simply makes sense. PCS is committed to helping the state of Florida become the leader in solar panel installs by providing our customers with maximum optimization solar power designed systems for each unique individual homeowner.

Solar power is a renewable source of electricity and heat that derives from the sun. Solar energy is a clean, inexhaustible and virtually pollution-free fuel source. As a society, we must take the immediate initiative of reducing the amount of non-renewable fossil fuels utilized to produce electricity to reach our homes. Solar panel systems offer homeowners and business owners with sufficient sun exposure the opportunity to do just that.

The marvel of solar power is just starting to become popular and yet in Polk County alone less than 3% of all residential homes have them. However, solar panels are on the rise and have been installed in over 1,000,000 homes across the country.

Some homeowners are receiving credits on their electric bill in areas where net-metering is available. Net Metering allows participating power company’s customers who have renewable generating systems like solar panels installed on their home or property to receive credit for excess energy produced by the solar system. You can verify that your solar kit is working in your favor by monitoring the electricity meter. The meter spin backwards or counter clockwise. When more power is created than utilized, the overage is sold back to the power company. That amount of energy is deducted from the monthly bill or credited toward a future bill in the same calendar year.

Good to Know!

For Your Wallet or Purse

Power companies get richer with absolutely no return on your money other than the power consumed in the home.

Your power company will inevitably increase their rates on a yearly basis on an average up to 3.27%.

26% Government tax incentives will expire at the end of 2020.  They reduce significantly over the next two years with no extensions available at this time.

Financing is available with rates as low as 2.99% for 20 years with approved credit with “no money down required!”

For Your Home

Research finds that, on average, a standard 6-kilowatt solar PV system, can add up to $24,000 to your home’s resale value.

Homeowners can reasonably expect to recoup the cost when they choose to sell their home (unlike a swimming pool for example).

Your solar-powered home will be more attractive on the real estate market than traditional, utility-powered homes.

With Solar, you freeze the cost of your power bill, protect the environment, and save potentially tens of thousands of dollars!

For the Earth

GreenPeace found that there are over 480,000 Megawatts installed globally which is enough to power 91 Million homes.

Use the sun as a natural resource instead of depleting the earth’s organic fossil fuels.

Silicon, a major material in solar panel manufacturing process, is easy to obtain and doesn’t require destructive mining methods.

Be the first in your neighborhood or join others that already have elected to reduce their green footprint and protect the environment.

Increase the value of your house!

Solar panels are viewed as upgrades.  The average increase in property value is $5,911 for each kilowatt of solar installed.